What Are The Best Seats at Coors Field?

So you’ve picked a game you and your buds are going to see, but how are you going to decide where to sit at Coors Field? Here’s a breakdown of Coors Field seating so you can get the most out of your day at the ballpark.

Mountain View

While the upper deck may not put you close to the field, you’ll enjoy a spectacular view of the Rocky Mountains. One of the advantages of this seating is that you get a bird’s eye perspective of the game. The purple row at the pinnacle of the upper deck sits you 5,280 feet above sea level — that is to say, you’ll be a mile high.

Club Level

Club seats in section 221-241 are staffed with a waiter and feature larger, comfier seats and a better view to watch the game. You’ll also have access to an indoor lounge where you have access to premium food and drink. 221 is the closest to the bar and food service, so if you’re the type to get the munchies at the ballpark, this seat is for you.

Specialty Food and Drink

Feeling adventurous? The standby section 144 offers fried bull’s testicles — the infamous Rocky Mountain oysters. Grab a brew at the Rock Bottom Brewery in Coors Field and enjoy complimentary validated stadium parking. #17 Helton Burger Shack by section 153 gives you a taste of a vintage diner with wicked onion rings and hand-whipped milkshakes. For dessert you can indulge in Berrie Kabobs located by section 132 and enjoy decadent chocolate dipped strawberries and bananas. Yum!

Up Close and Personal

Get into the action with seating in sections 121-125 behind the Rockies dugout or hang out behind the visiting team in sections 136-140. You’ll get the best view of the players and an ideal angle for watching each play unfold.

Pre/Post Game Celebration

Raise a glass of delicious craft beer to prepare for the game or commemorate a Rockies victory at Blake Street Tavern. You can see Coors Field from the luxurious patio as well as the Rocky Mountains in the distance. Fuel up on a generous selection of pub fare beforehand or grab some shareables over a tasty craft brew with some friends after the game. Blake Street is a brief stroll away from the stadium and packed with entertainment from plenty of HDTVs and numerous games and activities to keep the party going. Reach out to Blake Street Tavern with any questions about how to make game day more special.

Featured image: Frank Romeo/Shutterstock

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