Best Denver Patio

The Best Denver Patio can be found at Blake Street Tavern in downtown Denver!

Best Denver Patio at Blake Street Tavern!
The Best Denver Patio is at Blake Street Tavern!

Our patio has killer views, and is tucked away off the street so you don't have to worry about traffic noise. Our patio looks west, out over Coors Field, and it is a great place to see a Colorado sunset! We have a full menu of award-winning food like green chile, burgers, wings, sandwiches and lots of other grub inculding several vegetarian options.

We also just opened our brand-new Denver Beer Garden to expand our outdoor patio seating! Check it out:

Denver Beer Garden Patio at Blake Street Tavern!
Check out our new Denver Beer Garden Patio at Blake Street Tavern!

Both our patio and beer garden have plenty of canopies and umbrellas to keep you shaded, and we serve food and our full bar menu so you can enjoy some beer, seltzers or cocktails in the great outdoors! Check out our full drinks menu and food menu.

And, if the weather is threatening, we also have plenty of indoor seating as well! Denver's favorite bar open inside as well as our large Tailgate Room with open air garage doors to keep the summer breezes blowing through.

Practice Safe Six at Blake Street Tavern's Patio and Beer Garden!
Practice Safe Six at Blake Street Tavern's Patio and Beer Garden!

After closing our inside bar and dining room due to Covid, we are thrilled that our Main Bar has reopened in addition to our patio and new beer garden! For seating at the bar, we are “Practicing Safe Six” ft apart from others! Come celebrate our reopening! Thank you @MayorHancock and @CityofDenver

for allowing us to have 100 people inside (50 each in Tailgate Room and Main Bar) to go along with our Patio + Beer Garden. Come celebrate with us safely. Open to Midnight on Fridays and Saturdays! Make sure to get down to the Blake Street Tavern to enjoy all of our big spaces so you can eat out with plenty of social distancing! Our staff is doing everything we can to keep everything sanitized and safe for a great dining-out experience! Join us!

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