Denver Scavenger Hunt

Whether you are a Denver native or new to the city, we have the perfect way for you to see the sights downtown. The Let's Roam app is an interactive way for kids, teens, and adults to enjoy all the highlights in Denver.

What is it?

The Let's Roam app has a series of scavenger hunts set up in cities around the world. Denver has multiple hunts set up depending on the occasion. The scavenger hunt leads you all around LoDo and the business district.

Having this app-led adventure is a great way to see what you'd like to without having to make a reservation or have a tour guide. It gives unique riddles to solve as you search for local art, plaques, and statues. There are even trivia questions and a photo challenge to participate in as you are on your hunt. Don't worry about getting stuck because the app will lead you to the next location if you have a hard time with an answer.

Unlock Hidden Gems

While on the Denver scavenger hunt, you will be looking for and finding the best Denver has to offer. The main focus is on art and history in the city. You'll also learn about the culture and what it's like to live in Denver.

Did you know that a queen rode to Union Station or what inspired the creation of the Daniels and Fisher tower? These are just a few of the kinds of things you might learn while solving puzzles and answering trivia on your hunt.

Don't forget to take advantage of the places you'll find along the way. Denver has some of the best food you can find, like Blake Street Tavern right on the hunt route.

A Hunt for Every Occasion and Person

The Let's Roam app has different options for which hunt you decide to do based on your company and the occasion. A night out with the family? A party for your best friend getting married? A date night out on the town? This scavenger hunt can be customized to fit everyone's agenda. Here are some of the offerings:

• Scavenger Hunt Adventure - perfect for families and friends

• Date Pack - the perfect tour for two

• Birthday Bundle - make it a special day

• Bachelorette Bundle - perfect to celebrate the bride to be

• Ghost Scavenger Hunts - throw some spook into your day or night

• Bar Hunts - find the top bars in Denver

Within each hunt, the app also assigns different people in your party each a role. Players can choose roles like Photographer, Explorer, Brainiac, and more. You can add up to eight roles on one device so you can choose to use the same phone if you'd like.

Team Building Hunts

One great way to use this app is to have your company, party, or group go on a team building scavenger hunt. These are great for learning to communicate, getting to know those you work with, and having some fun in a less professional environment. You can even have a hunt customized for your group.

Earn the High Score

Love a little friendly competition? The Let's Roam app will give you a score to see how you are stacking up to the others that have done the same hunt. Try to get your name on the top of Denver's leader board for the ultimate pat on the back.

Celebrate Your Victory

You'll be seeing all of Denver's best sights so you'll need to stop in and experience Denver's best food and drinks. A great way to celebrate your successes along the way or at the end of your hunt is to stop in at Blake Street Tavern, which was voted Denver's Best Sports Bar for Food and Drink at 2301 Blake Street.

Image Credit: Shutterstock/Eugenio Marongiu

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