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best happy hour denver

Nothing in life makes us as happy as happy hour. Okay—so maybe there are a few things that could make us a little happier. But, just shy of winning a billion dollars, discounted drinks at your favorite local bar is as good as they come. At least, we sure think so. That said, if you’ve been hunting for the best happy hour in downtown Denver, we strongly recommend Blake Street Tavern as your go-to bar. Here’s why.

Opening Hours

Let’s face it: you may come for the happy hour, but chances are you’ll stick around long after it’s gone. So, what do our opening hours look like during the week and on the weekends?

Monday to Friday: 11 A.M. — 2 A.M. Kitchen open until 1 A.M. daily.

Saturday & Sunday: 9 A.M. — 2 A.M. Kitchen open until 1 A.M. daily.

Denver Happy Hour

Denver Happy Hour takes place six days a week at Blake Street Tavern. Check out our happy hour times below.

Monday to Friday: 3 PM — 6 PM

Happy Hour Menu

If you thought happy hour was just for drinks, have we got a surprise for you! Check out our full menu below to see what’s available at rock-bottom prices during happy hour at Blake Street Tavern.

$3 Off Shareables:

Often when the liquor is a-pouring, a few tummies start a-growling. That’s about the time when you and your friends start looking for some good food to chow down on. Now, we aren’t promising you a three-course meal, but we’ve got a few alternatives that will see you fed and happy.

You can order any of the following items below for just $3 off regular menu price and share it with the rest of your group. At these prices, you can all order your own sharables to add variety at the table, and you have all night to do it. Our kitchen stays open until 1 A.M.

  • Nachos

  • Hummus

  • Wings

  • Giant Pretzel

  • Wisconsin White Cheddar Cheese Curds

  • Southwest Egg Rolls

  • Chips, Guac + Salsa

  • Green Chile Cheese Fries Skillet

  • Quesadillas

Please note, however, that as much as we’d love it to be otherwise, happy hour prices are not available on shareable appetizers during Rockies home game days.

Alcoholic Beverages: $4 to $6

Food is good and all, but we know that’s not why you’re here. So, what kind of booze have we got for you? Check it out.

• $2 OFF All Drafts, Wells, and Wines

​• $2 OFF All Tito's, Herradura, and Crown Royal products

• $7 Snack Pack (a Montucky Cold Snacks 16oz can + a shot of Jack Daniels)


Sure, Denver happy hour is amazing, but it’s not the only time we have deals for you. No, we keep them coming all week and then right through the weekend. Here are our weekday and all-day weekend specials.

$5 Weekday Craft Specials

Monday: Breckenridge Brewery

Tuesday: New Belgium

Wednesday: Dry Dock

Thursday: Avery Brewing

Friday: Post Brewing

Weekend Specials: All Day Saturday and Sunday

• $5 Stoli Vodka and Flavors, and Reposado • $6 Jack Daniel's, Jack Fire, Jack Honey, and Milagro Products • $9 Tito's Build your Own Bloody Mary Bar (available until 2pm) • $9 Dew & a Brew — (Tullamore Dew shot and ANY canned beer)

• $12 Mimosa Pitchers

Military Discount

Just when you thought we had offered about as many discounts as you could handle, we threw in another. We offer a 20 percent discount to military personnel and veterans with a valid I.D.

Beer of the Month

There is always a craft beer of the month on special for $5, 24/7!


More often than not, you can count on at least one of these amazing deals coinciding with some of the fun events at Blake Street Tavern. Why not knock out two birds with one stone by booking booze and entertainment in one go?

As a sports bar, this is definitely the place to spend game night. But, if watching sports is just not your thing, there are other events to look out for. We host parties and pub crawls for New Year’s, St. Patrick’s Day, and Rockies Opening Day. We also enjoy lending a hand to those in need and have hosted toy drives for Toys for Tots, participate annually as the after-party location for Crawl for Cancer, and hosted mobile blood drives for the Children’s Hospital Colorado.

You can find our full lineup, past and present, on our Facebook here. While you’re there, mind giving our page a like? We would really appreciate it! Also, if you would like to host your own event at Blake Street Tavern, then give us a call on our party line: 303-295-1035.

Free Parking

To the designated drivers, we just want you to know that when you and your friends come through, unless it’s a Rockies home game day, you can count on free parking while spots are still available.

Come See US

Free parking, late night eats, affordable booze, game nights, trivia, and charity events? What’s not to love at Blake Street Tavern? Come by and see us — and bring a friend or two!

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