Host Your Bracket Buster Party at Blake Street Tavern

March is right around the corner. You know what that means — bracket buster parties. What’s more fun than getting together with friends to cheer for your favorite team?

However, these celebrations can have their downsides if you’re hosting at home. Who’s responsible for catering and clean up? Is everyone really going to fit around one TV? It may be more convenient — and more fun — to go out.

Here at Blake Street Tavern, we welcome fans to gather and watch the games. When it comes to service, other places just can’t compare.

Get Your Choice of Drinks

It’s just not a bracket buster party without a few drinks. Beer is a staple, but your friends probably enjoy a few other options as well. When you’re at someone’s house, that means either pitching in or bringing your own share. Even if everyone pays their fair share, there’s the risk of running low on popular choices.

When you party at Blake Street Tavern, you have access to a wide range of beverages:

Craft beer





Here you can drink your fill without worrying about others missing out — and when you’re running low, our waitstaff can bring you more.

Enjoy Award-Winning Dishes

If you’re going to drink, you have to eat, so why not choose grub so good it’s won awards? Blake Street Tavern serves a variety of entrees and appetizers:

Buffalo Red Chili

Fajita Skillet

Cubano Sandwich


Tavern Burger

Award-Winning Green Chile

Award-Winning Blake Street Nachos

Our kitchen is open until 1 a.m., which means you can keep the party going long after the games end. If you make reservations in one of our event spaces, you also have the option of catering.

Spacious Rooms for Reservations & Private Events

When you’re looking at event venues, you need a place that can fit all your guests. Blake Street Tavern has a wide range of rooms available:

Underground Social, accommodates up to 350

Patio, seats up to 70

Tailgate Room, seats up to 125, total capacity 175

The Alumni Room, seats up to 40, total capacity 75

Board Room, seats up to 10, total capacity 30

Community Tables, seats up to 36

Whether you want a private event area or don’t mind sharing space with fellow fans, there’s a room that meets your needs. No matter which you choose, there’s no rental fee.

Fun and Friendly Atmosphere

Blake Street Tavern isn’t just a sports bar — it’s a community. We’re always happy to see familiar faces and welcome newcomers. From our excellent service to our delicious dishes, we’re dedicated to making Blake Street Tavern a place people look forward to patronizing. If you’re searching for somewhere that celebrates teams and fans alike, you couldn’t ask for a better place.

Big Screens for Big Games

Each of our areas has multiple screens, so you can always have your eye on the game. Although exact measurements vary by area, screens range from 42 inches to a 130-inch projection screen. All the televisions are high definition, guaranteeing everyone can have the best seat in the house.

Convenient Parking

Sometimes parking can make downtown Denver events feel like they’re not worth the hassle. No one wants to spend a small fortune for a few hours of parking or spend half an hour looking for an empty space. At Blake Street Tavern, we want our customers’ experience to be fun and convenient, which is why we offer free parking. When you’re here, there’s no running to beat the meter or hiking half a mile to your car late at night.

Host Your Bracket Buster Party at Blake Street Tavern!

Where are you holding your bracket buster party this year? Take it easy at Blake Street Tavern, where you can enjoy the good food, great drinks, and amazing company. To find out more or to make reservations, give us a call at 303-675-0505 or contact us online.

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