Winter Tequila Tasting Festival in Denver on Feb. 23, 2019

Winter Tequila Tasting Festival

When: February 23, 2019 – 2 Tastings: 12:30pm-2:30pm & 4-6PM Where: Check In @ Blake Street Tavern at 2301 Blake Street, Downtown

Join us at the Blake Street Tavern in collaboration with Social Scene for our 2019 Winter Tequila Tasting Festival in downtown Denver! If you love Tequila and want to try some of the best Tequilas out there, or even if you haven't tried Tequila and you want to learn more, all are welcome at our Denver tequila tasting! There are two Tequila Tasting sessions, one from 12:30pm-2:30pm on Saturday, and a second Tequila tasting from 4-6pm, get tickets below before they sell out!

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🍋 2 Hour Tequila Tasting (2 1/2 for VIP)

🍋 15 Tasting Tickets (.25 oz Pours)

(More available for purchase - 100% charity)

🍋 Featured Food & Drink Specials: Coming Soon!

🍋Vote for Top Brands (Use #WinterTequilaFestival)

🍋 Special Mexico Trip Giveaway (

🍋 Fun Giveaway (VIP Only) + VIP Perks

🍋 First Time Lyft users, code BeSocial for $5 in rides!

🍋 Portion of net proceeds benefit local charity

Do you know all about this sweet agave nectar?

We thought we knew quite a bit until we started reading about the health benefits, ways to use in food, celebrities behind the brands and some of the top producing tequilas in Mexico! Lets start with the basics, Blanco, Reposado & Anejo with Mezcal (being a close cousin but not a tequila). We put together some great articles on the history, how to drink and fun ways to enjoy tequila once you respect its bite! Enjoy!

History & Tasting Notes HERE

Top Tequila Bars Denver HERE

Top Tequilas In Mexico HERE

Top Celebrity Tequilas HERE

Top Tequila Cocktails HERE Tequila Food Recipes HERE Tequila Health Benefits HERE

So now you known a little more about tequila! It is time to enjoy it, gift it and create some amazing cocktails to keep the festivities alive during these dark winter months. Tequila is a friends and family beverage, make sure to invite people in, to partake in the tasty beverage. You can even mix your tequila with some great food options! Make sure to join us for our 2019 Winter Tequila Tasting Festival in downtown Denver!

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